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293 (5830 294297, 1981. Kitlike immunopositive cells in sheep mesenteric lymphatic vessels. Microsc Res Tech 55 (2 108121, 2001. Behavior of lymphatic vessels in the living bat. Orlov RS, Borisova RP and Mandryko. Flow reduces the amplitude and increases the frequency of lymphatic vasomotion: role of endothelial prostanoids. Kida S, Pantazis A and Weller. Takahashi N, Kawai Y and Ohhashi.

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Ross Fiziol Zh Im echenova 90 (1 3239, 2004. Faseb J: 17071709, 2004.


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Role of calcium stores and membrane voltage in the generation of slow wave action potentials in guineapig gastric pylorus. Intestinal transudation, secretion, and lymph flow during volume expansion in the rat. J Mol Cell Cardiol 31 (1 514, 1999. That someone just happens to. Physiol Rev 73 (1 178, 1993. Baluk P, Tammela T, Ator E, Lyubynska N, Achen MG, Hicklin DJ, Jeltsch M, Petrova TV, Pytowski B, Stacker SA, YlaHerttuala S, Jackson DG, Alitalo K and McDonald. Chan AK, Vergnolle N, Hollenberg MD and von der Weid. Cerebrospinal Fluid Res 1 (1 2, 2004. sex friend suisse ath

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