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notice that, as with Anglo-Saxon and Norse literature, Tolkien took some names, like Meriadoc and Rohan, from Brittany. Also not far away are two towns actually named after. This setback, however, only delayed the project. Eudes IV married the heiress, Jeanne, of the Free County of Burgundy, and then his grandson Philip was preparing to marry the heiress, Margaret, of the County of Flanders. First Crusade, 1095Robert II, Duke of Normandy, baldwin I, Iron Arm 862-879 married Judith, daughter of, baldwin II 879-918, arnulf I the Elder 918-958 962-965. The map at right is mainly based on Donald Matthew, Atlas of Medieval Europe Equinox, Facts on File, New York, Oxford, 1983, 1989,.98. When I originally consulted Brian Tompsett's Royal and Noble genealogy about this line, I think it was impossible to trace it beyond Gaston III.

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Her son Henry was made the 1st Duke of Grafton. Instead, he was simply able to promptly come gtrouve sexe binche up with new plans.


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Breton independence had been fatally compromised, and the Duchy drifted under the influence of Normandy. Perhaps the most important reason, in the long run, was that it became the site of the first major development of commercial culture in Northern Europe. Finally, Flanders passed by marriage first to the Dukes of Burgundy and then to the Hapsburgs. 1134 Henry I England, Geoffrey of Henry II Richard the Lionheart John Lackland John declared contumacious, 1202; Duchy occupied by Along with Naples, Sicily and Russia, Normandy was one of the great enduring foundations of the age of Norse expansion. Marlborough and Eugene, pursuing the French army, overtook and attacked it from behind. Man then came under the influence of Orkney and was subjected to it by Earl Thorfinn the Mighty in 1038, but governed from Dublin until 1065. The 11th Duke and Deborah could easily have lost all their land and houses through paying the taxes. Charles the BaldAlexius Comnenus?

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