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for her TV set but finds only static. As her hands tease her large breasts, fingertips circling her stiff nipples, she bites down on the channel changer to muffle her cries. As a vintage telephone begins to ring, we find Emily lying on her bed shes wearing just a white lace bralet and brushing her hair. Read the rest of this entry. The mirror is carelessly cast aside, the shower runs dry and, as Emily switches off the TV, the music stops and the picture turns black. Soulful music plays as her fingers probe, flutter and spank until bucking and writhing on the bed she cums uncontrollably. As the phone continues to shrill, she tugs on her hair in frustration, raking the brush etudiantes escorts corner brook through. Abruptly, she withdraws the brush and throws it aside, then she holds a framed mirror between her widely splayed thighs so she can watch as she frigs herself with her hands. The film begins with close-ups of black-and-white portrait photos as Beethovens 9th Symphony plays in the background. She splays her wet pink open between her hairy lips, then clasps a handful of her pubes. Then she runs it down her body and slips it inside of her pussy, using it as a dildo. Aroused, her body quivers and she sucks on the handle, taking it deep down her throat. Her head is on the edge of the bed so her long locks flow down over the side. Elsewhere, water sprays from a shower and down a drain, adding to the sense of tension. Increasingly horny, Emily strokes the bristles of her pink hairbrush over her unshaved crotch and through her curly brown bush.

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